K-Flag K.K. was established in 1982.

We import everyday goods from America, Canada, and other countries to introduce and sell them in the Japanese domestic market.

The scented softener we imported from P&G USA became a huge hit product in Japan, opening the doors for foreign daily goods to be accepted by Japanese consumers.

Foreign goods have deeply infiltrated into Japanese life – something we feel we can pride ourselves on contributing to.

Not only have we been importing scented softener in recent years, but we have also begun dealing in organic products that have passed strict foreign standards.

We consider it our mission to introduce to Japan a wide range of products that will please consumers and that have not reached Japan including, detergent, softener, body wash, block soap, paper towels, anti-aging products and other high-quality products.

If you are interrested in exporting your items to Japan ,please feel free to contact us by below’s contact form.


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